May 3, 2015

Dylan, Amanda and Dani

Thank you to Dylan, Amanda and Dani for spending the day raising money for A Little Hope.  The girls had clothing made for ALH and also had a bake sale. They raised over $700.00!

June 12, 2008

Top Row (left to right): Darren Kay, David Fox, Alan Shapiro, Marc Slugh, John Panin,
Steve Schwartz, Steve Kaplan, Scott Kaplan, Arlene Silverman, Barry Silverman, James Fiore
Bottom Row (left to right): Danielle Russo Slugh, Wendy Kaplan, Beth Kaplan,
Chad Wain, Jamie Kaplan

Scott and Beth Kaplan

We are pleased to recognize Scott and Beth Kaplan for their passionate commitment to A Little Hope. When Scott joined the board of directors, we soon learned that we had gained two ardent supporters!!